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Axis Sound :: The Studio
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Pro Tools HD2 (v9 software)
Mac Pro 2.66 Quad Core
UAD2 Octo PCIe Card

(1) Apogee AD-16X
(1) Apogee DA-16X
(1) Avid/Digidesign 192

(1) API 2500 Bus Compressor
(2) Empirical Labs Distressor EL8XS
(1) Retro 176 Tube Compressor
(1) Mohog Fet76 1176 Clone
(2) API 550b 4-band EQ
(1) Aurora Audio GTQ2 2-Channel Preamp / EQ
(2) API 512b Mic Pre
(2) CAPI VP28 Mic Pres
(2) Neumann W491a EQ
(2) BFE / Filtek Mk2 EQ
(1) Ampex MX-10 vintage tube mic pre / line mixer
(1) Neumann/RFT MV810 2-channel mic pre
(1) Vintech 1272 2-channel Neve clone
(1) RCN Compressor
(1) Little Labs IBP Jr.

Soundcraft Ghost 32-Channel 8-bus console
Mackie HMX 56 Headphone Amp
Hafler P900 Power Amp
JBL 4408 Monitors

(1) Lawson L47MP Tube
(1) Lomo 19a19
(2) Neumann KM84i
(1) Royer R121 Ribbon mic
(1) AKG C451 Condenser
(1) AEA R84 Ribbon Mic
(1) Beyer M160 Ribbon Mic
(1) Electro-Voice RE20
(2) Shure SM-7
(1) AKG D112
(2) Apex 205 Ribbon mics
(1) Shure SM-58
(3) Shure SM57
(2) Sennheiser 421

Outboard Effects
Yamaha SPX900
Yahama SPX90
Lexicon LXP-1
Lexicon LXP-5
Lexicon MRC Controller
TC Electronics M2000
Lexicon Vortex
(2) Furman PV-1 Spring Reverb (1) Sound Workshop 242 Spring Reverb (Stereo)
Recording Software
Pro Tools 9 HD

Plugins (TDM & TRAS)
Waves TDM Platinum Bundle & More (many Waves plugins)
Waves IR-L Convolution Reverb
Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
UAD2 Plugins (Many)
Digidesign Revibe
Waves IR1 Convolution Reverb
Echo Boy Delay
PSP Suite Compression & EQ
Digidesign Reverb One
McDSP CompressorBank
McDSP FilterBank
Line6 Amp Farm
Line6 Echo Farm
Access Virus
Antares Auto-Tune
Bomb Factory 1176 Compressor
Focusrite d2
Focusrite d4
Drawmer Dyanmics

Instruments & Effects
Hammond M-3 organ and Leslie 900
Wurlitzer 1928 Upright piano
Moog Prodigy
Hohner D6 Clavinet
Fender Rhodes 73 Stage
Roland XV-5080 module & sample player (fully loaded expansion)
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Jazz Bass
Mutron Bi-Phase
Mutron III Enveloper Filter
Sans Amp Classic
Sans Amp GT2
Sans Amp Bass Drive
Countryman DI
And many, MANY more pedals...